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Bird Cage - Lindapet™

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  • Sturdy and Durable: the bird cage is made of painted metal, sturdy and rust resistant. Dimensions: about 44 x 34 x 101 cm.

  • Practical Design: The cage has 2 large front doors, each with 2 small doors for easy access to the cage inside;4 wooden perches for resting; 1 wooden hanging swing for entertainment; 2 handles at the top for easy carrying.

  • Easy Feeding:The bird aviary contains 4 side doors with 4 white plastic feeders for easy changing of food and water without opening the big doors.

  • Easy Cleaning: The cage contains a sliding tray underneath that can be removed and cleaned. A grid separates the birds from the tray to prevent birds from walking/posing directly on their droppings.

  • Versatile: the distance between the bars of the nets is 1cm, the cage is suitable for lovebirds, parakeets, parakeets, parakeets, canaries, cockatoos, cockatoos, cockatiels etc.


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